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ProHD 모바일 HD Live Streaming 카메라

* Compact Shoulder TYPE

* 새로운 특허를 받은 3-CCD 광학시스템을 Full HD 화상을 제공.

* 업계 표준의 바이오넷 렌즈 마운트(bayonet lens mount)

* JVC 다양한 렌즈와 악세서리를 제공.

* 새로운 Canon 14:1 Lens와의 조합.

- 광각단의 확대(included Wider angle) 넓은 시야각

- 기존 대비 고화소(높은 해상도)

- 최소화된 색수차

* 전원이 켜져있는 상태에서 교환(Hot Swap) 가능한 듀얼 SDHC 메모리카드 Slot을 이용 또는 Optional SxS 어댑터의 사용.

* 한순간도 놓치지 않는 Pre Rec (레트로 캐쉬) 기능으로 촬영 누락 방지.

* 2개의 슬롯 동시 레코딩 가능.

* 최대 35Mbps 까지 데이터 레이트를 선택 가능한 전문가급 녹화방식.

- 1920 x 1080 (1080 p24/p25/p30, 1080 i60 /i50)

- 1280 x 720P (p60/p50/p30/p25/p24)

- 720 x 480i (60i)

* Native file을 활용한 가장 빠른촬영후 편집 작업가능.

- 네이티브 Final Cut Pro 포맷을 통해 파일 변환이나 코덱변환 없이 바로 편집 가능)

- Optional SxS Media 녹화장치를 활용한, MP4 파일 포맷 사용가능.

* 가변 Frame Rate 녹화 방식 (over crank, under crank)

* HDSDI 출력지원.

* 다운 컨버트 된 SDI 출력도 실시간/ 재생 모두 제공`

* 다운 컨버트 된 SD출력 (DV via IEEE-1394)

* 새로운 1.22 메가픽셀, 실리콘 액정 (LCOS) 뷰파인더

* Built-in clip viewer and management system

* 비압축 LPCM 오디오 (2채널) 레코딩

오디오 미터와 볼륨 레벨 수동 조절 기능

팬텀 파워를 갖춘 XLR 입력.

Canon 14x HD Lens

The JVC GY-HM750U has a standard bayonet lens mount giving users the flexibility of selecting different lenses for different requirements.

The standard package includes a high-quality 14x HD lens from Canon, suitable for a wide range of general-purpose applications, with a focal length range of f=4.4–61.6mm (32–448mm at 35mm equivalent).

Advanced MPEG2 High Bit Rate Encoding

1080p Dynamic Digital Signal Processor (DDSP)

At the heart of the GY-HM750U is a custom JVC-developed Dynamic Digital Signal Processor. Processing is performed on the full progressive 1920 x 1080 signal, regardless of the camcorder’s settings, ensuring the highest picture quality in any shooting mode.

All major HD resolutions are supported, including 1920 x 1080, 1440 x 1080 and 1280 x 720

Dual SDHC Card Slots for Simultaneous or Seamless Relay Recording

Dual SDHC card slots make the GY-HM750U a truly versatile camcorder. Using standard,

inexpensive and widely available Class-6 or Class-10 SDHC cards, footage can be recorded either to both cards simultaneously, or from one card to the other in relay.

Simultaneous recording means you can easily create backup or duplicate files as you shoot without the need for any external equipment — either for a client copy or simply for peace of mind.

In relay recording mode you can shoot continuously and seamlessly over multiple cards. When one card is full, the camcorder switches seamlessly and automatically to the other card. And because cards are hot swappable, there is in effect no limit to the continuous shooting time in any mode, even with lower capacity cards.

Hot swappable media also means it is possible to start editing footage from one card while still shooting to the other. The dual card slots also offer the flexibility of scene-by-scene card selection.

SDI and IEEE1394 Output

In addition to SD composite and HD/SD component video output, the GY-HM750U is equipped with SDI and IEEE1394 outputs.

The SDI output is via a BNC connector and can be switched between HD and downconverted SD with embedded uncompressed audio.

The IEEE1394 output is via a 4-pin connector and can also be switched between HD and SD by menu.

The audio output is HDV compliant in HD mode and DV compliant in SD mode